Brickyard Hill COGIC Ministries

Auxilaries in Ministry

Sunday School:

The purpose of this ministry is to assist each believer in his Christian growth through various classes. There are Bible study classes according to each age group.
Breakfast is served each Sunday prior to classes beginning.

Young People Willing Worker:

The purpose of the YPWW is to teach, train, motivate, and develop young people for "God's Service".  This department exists to equip, and empower youth for effective ministry. Classes are provided for all ages.

Home and Foreign Mission:

The purpose of the Home and Foreign Mission is to assist with inreach and outreach programs. This department is designed to help people within the church, as well as people within the larger community that are in need.

Young Women Christian Council:

The primary purpose of the YWCC is to provide spiritual guidance or council for
single or married women ages 18-40. This is accomplished through sessions where
the women discuss various Christian topics that relate to their everyday living.

Youth Department Ministry:

The purpose of this ministry is to provide special ministry to all children. We also seek to involve youth in varied ministries within the church. These include drama, praise dances, miming, and recitations. Youth Sundays are
every 4th and 5th Sunday.

Children Church Ministry:

The purpose of the children church ministry is to equip and teach children ages 4 through 12 about biblical principles.Activities include singing, scripture reading,
prayer, and class discussion. Children’s Church is offered on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.

The Sunshine Band:

The purpose of the Sunshine Band is to teach and train the children about Godly principles. The Sunshine Band is a children's ministry that encompasses ages up to 12 years old.
This department seeks to involve the youth in meaningful and wholesome activities.

Purity Class:

The purpose of the Purity is to encourage spiritual growth in our young people,
ages 12-19 by teaching them about righteousness and holy living. The objectives are
to lift and protect moral standards, beautify home and church life, emphasize cleanliness, and to train potential youth leaders of the church and community.

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